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Commercial Refrigeration Equipments

Commercial refrigeration equipments is a must have for any commercial kitchen or any dining service provider. These are more powerful than the residential models and vary in their chilling capacity. Refrigeration equipment manufacturers offer both refrigerators and freezers in different styles and sizes for commercial purposes.

Cold Well
Cold Well
Drawer Refrigeration
Drawer Refrigeration
Double Deck Refrigeration
Water Cooler
Double Deck Refrigerator
Double deck Refrigeration

Drawer Refrigeration

Whatever be the type of the refrigerator, the basic function of keeping foods chilled and good is common for all. The ventilation provided for the compressor may be placed on the top, side or the bottom of the unit. The range of temperature maintained in the refrigerator varies from 34 degree F to 40 degree F while still lower temperatures are maintained in the commercial freezers. Some of the varieties available are:

Reach-in Refrigerators and Freezers: Solid door reach-ins and glass door reach-in units can be availed either in full length or half length doors.

Walk-in Refrigerators & Freezers: These are mighty useful for commercial food establishments and are sometimes placed outside the food joint. Proper shelving system is adopted for the insides for better organization of the stored items.

Drawer Refrigeration: These are placed under the counter and act as drawers which are utilized to preserve the food items. However, their storage capacity is less when compared to the other styles.

Double Deck Refrigeration: This type of refrigeration is provided for the box van trailers and helps to transport goods at cold storage temperatures.

Refrigerated Merchandisers: These units have glass doors which help to display the stored products. Each type fulfills a specific function and is meant to be chosen depending upon your requirement.