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Chappati Machine

The ultimate invention in the sector of food service equipment is the automatic chapatti maker or a chapatti conveyor. It aids in bulk production of chapattis with ease while maintaining hygiene. It is also cost effective and maintains a uniform quality of the product without any human intervention. Canteen equipments manufacturers and hotel equipments manufacturers also offer similar machines for making papad, dosa and puris.

Chappati Baking Machine
Chappati Baking Machine
Chappati Rolling Machine
Chappati Rolling Machine
Types of Chapatti makers

Chapatti makers are electrically run machines which make a large number of chapattis in quick time. They consist of two main stainless steel components; the first one makes dough balls of equal size and the second rolls out the chapattis and bakes them. They can make as many as 1000 pieces per hour.

  • Semiautomatic chapatti maker requires an operator to oversee the process.

  • Fully automatic version does not need any human supervision.

  • Latest fully automatic type is extremely energy efficient, sophisticated and contains inbuilt oven, rollers and conveyor to move the chapattis. They make up to 2000 chapattis an hour. Small rotis or puristhat can be rolled out in an hour amount to 10000 pieces.

Material of the chapatti maker

The stainless steelmaterial of the equipment makes it easy to clean and sanitize, simple to maintain and is corrosion resistant. It is available in various sizes and pass the standard regulations of safety and environment. This ensures that the health of the patrons is not at risk.

Advantages of the chapatti maker

  • Hygienic- As there is no manual handling of the product; hygiene is maintained throughout the process.

  • Uniformity - Rotis are of equal size in terms of the diameter and thickness. The baking is even as the temperature on both sides is same.

  • Time saver - Due to the speedy mass production, it is a popular choice of equipment for hotels, canteens, weddings, hospitals, etc.

  • Variety- By adding special ingredients like sprouts, soybean etc variety and added nutritional benefits can be offered.