Brief on Commercial Deep Fryers

Today, there are so many kitchen gadgets available in the market that shopping for equipment to fit your commercial kitchen can be quite overwhelming. Equipment for heating and warming, storing and handling, food preparation, cooking and baking, cleaning; the list is almost endless. Details of each one of them have to be obtained so that you can obtain the best fit for your kitchen.

Various brands of commercial kitchen equipment such as the service counter, tilting pan, deep fryer, mini fryer and many more have been introduced and have carved a niche for themselves in the market. Mini fryer is a compact version of commercial deep fryers and this helps to create restaurant styled fried food in the comfort of your home. Commercial fryers are one of the most sought after equipment of every commercial kitchen what with French fries being ranked topmost among the list of favorite foods of people of all ages; diets notwithstanding! Normally used for serving appetizers and side dishes, this equipment is highly efficient in frying and cooking food quickly and in the right measure. A short brief on this equipment will give a better idea about them.

Commercial fryers can be either chosen as the counter-top model or the floor model; it all depends on the space available in your commercial kitchen. Counter-top models serve best for those restaurants which have lesser amount of floor space and require small volumes of frying to be done. Floor models are large capacity fryers and are best suited to those food-outlets which dish out fried food in large volumes on a daily basis. Your commercial kitchen’s cooking capacity will determine the model to be chosen. Sometimes, kitchens which fry large volumes of food keep several units next to each other on the floor as it facilitates the frying of different food-stuff at the same time. Cross-contamination which can arise due to use of common heating oil for frying varying food stuff is avoided. As for the price, it goes without saying that larger capacity fryers have a higher price tag than the smaller ones.

Another classification done with respect to commercial fryers is the Electric fryers vs. Gas fryers. Gas fryers have a higher heating quotient and are supposed to be more efficient; however, the increasing prices of natural gas have reduced their cost advantage. The major point of difference between the two is capacity consideration. Electric fryers are useful and operate efficiently when there are low volumes of oil involved and are usually of the counter-top variety. But when the restaurant business requires large volumes of oil for fulfilling its frying demands then gas operated units are a better choice.

Commercial deep fryers are made of either stainless steel or mild steel. However, stainless steel is the lasting variety among the two as mild steel gets stained and corroded quickly. Besides knowing the basic details it is necessary to ensure that the model has the right accessories and parts. Fryer screens, fryer baskets, filter paper are some of them and they also need to be of good quality.

All in all, the best way to ensure that you get your service counter, tilting pan, mini fryer of the best quality and perfectly suited to your requirements is to get it from a reputable dealer.