Getting the Best Out of a Commercial Kitchen

Managing a commercial kitchen is altogether a different proposition as compared to managing a domestic kitchen. Large volumes of food quantities and large sized equipments have to be handled and one has to have a strong grip on the organization aspect of the kitchen if one has to earn good margins from the business.

Layout & Organization:

Certain factors assume great importance for ensuring smooth running of the commercial kitchen.One of them is the layout and organization of the working area. Basically, a commercial kitchen is divided into three work areas and they are the preparatory, cooking and the cleanup areas. The preparatory area holds the food processor and other related equipment which helps to do the mixing and processing of the food before it goes for cooking. The cooking area holds equipment like the mini fryer, tilting pan, Chinese ranges etc that facilitate the cooking, grilling or frying of food. The cleanup area is the space meant for cleaning the used cutlery and cookware. Adequate storage area also has to be set aside for storing all the crockery and cutlery of the commercial kitchen. Cooling units have to be installed so that food in various stages of cooking can be preserved well. The commercial kitchen has to be designed based on the kind of cooking that is going to be largely done there. The layout of the kitchen should be planned in such a manner that there is enough space for all the equipment as well as the employees who will be moving about in the kitchen.

Rules & Regulations:

The commercial kitchen has to adhere to all the related regulations and health codes as laid down by the municipal authorities. This can be in the form of ensuring adequate sanitation facilities, existence of adequate fire extinguishers and cleanliness so that the food safety is not compromised in any way possible. A constant supply of potable water is also necessary for ensuring hygiene and safety. Sufficient ventilation outlets have to be present so that the fumes, smoke and vapors find their way out of the kitchen.


Garbage and waste disposal bins have to be placed at the right places and must be covered at all times. Cooking equipment should be placed in such a way so as to facilitate maximum ventilation of the exhaust hood.Ergonomic equipment such as soft grip knives, relaxing stools with adequate backrests etc  should be used to facilitate increased productivity. The service counter has to be adequately large to be able to hold the dishes to be served to the customers. Another aspect that holds a place of importance in the commercial kitchen is the lighting equipment. The kitchen has to be well lit as that will go a long way towards increasing the productivity levels.

A reputable commercial kitchen equipment manufacturer has to be chosen so that you obtain high quality equipment that will be great value for your money. There are several affordable commercial kitchen equipment dealers who offer equipment on wholesale terms. You need to make inquiries in that direction and you are sure to get hold of a reputable manufacturer who can satisfy all your commercial kitchen needs.