All Things to Know about Commercial Refrigeration

Commercial refrigeration equipment holds a place of importance in several commercial and industrial setups with the food industry, pharmaceutical industry, flower-shops, and hospital settings to just name a few. However, the food industry which uses it the most buys it from only the best refrigeration equipment manufacturers as they know how important it is for their food to remain in top class condition.

Various Refrigeration Options:

  • Blast Chillers: This is one of the most common forms of equipment seen in several commercial establishments. They enable the temperatures to be drastically reduced in no time and are mainly needed for meeting compliance with specific safety and food handling regulations. Different varieties are available with several different features and one must choose the type that fulfils his or her requirements.
  • Display Freezers: As the name suggests this form of equipment helps to display the wares of the store as well as serve the purpose of storing them. See-through doors enable the customers to choose and pick their requirements. This equipment is normally used in grocery stores, bakery shops etc.
  • Glass Top Freezer: This form of equipment has the viewing benefit obtained due to the presence of a glass top. The contents of the unit can be viewed without opening the top.

Drawer Refrigeration

Sometimes, individuals do not want the refrigerator to dominate their kitchen and in such cases drawer refrigeration proves a perfect fit for their requirement. These are freezing models placed underneath the counter tops of the kitchen and slide outward just like the conventional cabinet doors. These save space of a standalone unit and are especially useful in tight kitchen spaces. They fit snugly below the counter top and add to the aesthetic value of the kitchen. However, the main drawback in this form of refrigeration is the necessity of bending low for access to the stored food items and higher cost than the traditional models.

Selecting the Best Refrigeration Option

First and foremost it is essential to ascertain the quantities of food that you will normally need to store in your refrigerator. This again should be assessed in accordance to the volume of your business. You must also consider the peak business requirements before deciding on the capacity.

The refrigerators come with various storage capacities and hence it is best that you get the right fit as then there will be no under or over utilization of storage capacity. Secondly, the space available to install the refrigeration equipment is also important. Accordingly the unit that fits in the available space and also fulfils the storage requirements has to be obtained. Third factor that will determine the best buy is the reliability of the manufacturer. The good models of commercial refrigerators are meant for heavy duty use. Their compressors are placed underneath them and this facilitates their easy maintenance. They are reliable and damage resistant and normally last for several years. It is therefore essential to select the best brand of refrigeration equipment which is obtained for the best price possible.